Bethany Klug, D.O. Patient Reviews

“I was miserable, literally searching for years for a solution. I tried all the synthetic medications, patches, creams (both prescription and non-prescription) and then I found Bioidentical Hormones, but the dosage just wasn’t quite right. Dr. Klug immediately adjusted the ingredients in the Troches and, VOILA!, my hormones were balanced.”-Jeannie

“My PMS is gone. Thank you!”– Jane

“I had a very nice visit…and I call it a visit because I felt like I was talking to a concerned friend….not a doctor trying to give me a prescription and send me on my way. Dr. Klug listened attentively to all my concerns and gave me viable options for sustained health instead of prescription medications shoved at me as she ushered the next patient in. I felt like I was heard. She was on the same page as me where my health was concerned and I was not talked down to. A very different health care experience! I would highly recommend.”– Anonymous

“I highly recommend Dr. Klug. She set me on a path of health and wellness through diet and lifestyle change that has made a significant impact on my life. I have shared this with my family and have enjoyed watching them experience the benefits of these changes as well!”– Jennifer Beardslee

“I appreciate the fact that I am able to participate in a discussion regarding my health concerns as well as having input as to how to rectify any issues rather than moving straight to medication to remedy the health issues. I also appreciate the in-depth history taken and lab tests in an effort to get at the root cause for any perceived concerns. “– Anonymous

“I love Dr Klug—it’s so nice going to a doctor who tries to “fix” the problem not just mask it with medicine.”– Theresa